Is Backing Up Your Complete Console Game Collection a Waste of Time?

When it comes to console games like Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Xbox and the Wii, It has always been a big issue whether it is possible to create a back up of your game collection or not.

It is not a waste of time to create a complete back up of your entire game collection, it can be done but there are a few pitfalls you have to know about before starting.

Using wrong DVD format
Every console uses its own DVD format and they are very different from console to console. For example PS3 uses Blue Ray and Xbox 360 uses DVD 9, so obviously if you want to create a back up of a PS3 game on a DVD 9, there is a huge chance that the backup version of the game is not going to work.

Modifying Your Console
It is not the best thing to do because you will lose your warranty as soon as you open the console, which means you have to buy a new when it needs to be repaired.

The circuit system in your console is very vulnerable and there is a great risk of over burning the system if you attempt to install any additional wires or chips in the console.

Using regular burning software to back up your games with
Is not going to work because of the file structure the burning software creates on the DVD is made for regular computers and not consoles, even if you chose to create an ISO of the game with the regular software it will not work.

The way the burning software creates the file structure on the DVD is the key issue for a successful back up. That is why you need special game burning software that is designed to back up games with, burning software that understands the file structure on the DVD.

Using that and you will have a successful back up of your games, and it is not waste of time trying.

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